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greenbo textile nature home design

Fiorina pillow

Fiorina Flowers Pillow White
  • Fiorina flowers pillow helps you to surround your nature with home feeling
  • Nature-home designed fabrics for prefect cosey atmosphere in your house
  • Just place your flowers planter inside the cup of the pillow and enjoy your nature in home air
  • Water resistance and a perfect flowers design object for pools and gardens
  • Easy to wash and maintain with a perfect edge quality look for years.
  • Place it on your table, on your floor, shelves or in your pool and create your home designed mode.

Product details:

Lenth (cm/in): 37cm / 14.5" 

Width (cm/in): 37cm / 14.5"

Height     (cm/in): 11cm / 4.5" 

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