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window & railing design | different view

windows reflect our every day view to reality. Railing design lets you add colors, shapes and important from them all, nature and flowers.
railing planter can do it for you

Mary lera
yard design

Window & railing design can reveal different views in your life. When you open your window every morning, close it each night, you are viewing a bit of nature stayed in our urban life.

Window railing or you balcony's railing can be used as your little piece of nature in your urban environment.

In an amazing veriaty of colors, quality design and materials, the greenbo planters and flower boxes I have are my nature sanity every day my windows are opening.


my view today is much greener, pinker nad redish, due to the planter infronting my window and balcony view.

It's not that we don't want to miss any day, it's that we erally want to enjoy it.

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