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Railing planter

Railing planter has become more than just a product but a new perception of urban gardening containers design. And how it all started?

Josh Windthzer
railing planter

Railing planter has become something we all familiar with in the last 5 years, when more and more balconies and yards around us are becoming colored and decorated with amazing urban gardening containers sitting on their railings creating a new urban gardening design across cities.

It all started with a great innovation by Greenbo, railing planter that sits on the railing and doesn't take your balcony floor space and in addition will be smoothly designed, colorful and with smart watering mechanisms to keep it simple and useful.

This great railing planter gave a new look to the balconies as well as to the streets creating a new urban view people, designers and gardeners creates around the world.

The railing planter solved few urban problems for people in the cities. While living in city building with balcony, you couldn't really grow herbs and vegetables for your private consuming in a proper way and aesthetic enough for your home design. Greenbo railing planter made it possible. this great railing planter sits on your railing made it amazingly comfortable to plant, cut and use, its design is smooth and prestigious and it has a drainage mechanism allows you to grow anything you want to last for years in addition to the option to reuse the extra water in the planter.

I must say that today when I sit in my balcony and grow my vegetables in such a designed way, I can't think how we did it without this amazing railing planter we have today. Railing planter isn't an option any more but a must to every gardener, designer and flowers lovers across the world.

My six colored, blooming Greenbo railing planters are on my railing and will stay on my railing as they are best urban container I could ever think of. Look around you when walking across the cities street and you see this urban gardening revolution I am taking about. Railing planter isn't a product, it's a solution, and a great solution I must say.


Sometimes railing planter is all you need besides love.....

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