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Our Problem-Solving Railing Designs

The revolutionary and popular Greenbo railing product line provides a unique solution for growing plants and flowers in urban environments.

Roxana Amner

The revolutionary and popular Greenbo railing product line provides a unique solution for growing plants and flowers in urban environments.
It includes two main products, Greenbo Railing Planters and Greenbo XL Flower Boxes, in a variety of sizes and an array of colors -- six vibrant hues and four subdued ones -- that can add a pop of visual drama or blend into a neutral palette.

Both products give urban gardeners the sophisticated design they crave and the quality construction they seek. Their no-fuss saddle design, exclusive to Greenbo, fits safely and snugly on any railing in the world!

Garden lovers, including the many millennials who want to grow their own edible produce but have limited space, now have low-maintenance, highly aesthetic options from which to choose. Greenbo containers can be used on the balcony, patio, deck, or in a sunny window. Urban gardeners can enjoy fresh herbs, vegetables and flowers without sacrificing valuable floor space, or style, inside and out.
Why Greenbo Railing Planters and Flower Boxes?

• The “green Earth” movement is inspiring a groundswell of gardening interest -- city dwellers included!
• Consumers are increasingly drawn to sustainable ecological economics principles. They want durable, high-quality products to ensure a long product life, and they want to know recycled materials have been used in the manufacturing process. The home-gardening industry has made progress on this front in outdoor decor and furniture, but very little has changed in the garden containers domain.
• Safety is a serious concern on high-rise balconies. Winds are stronger at higher altitudes, and they can turn planters into deadly missiles. Safety is a No. 1 priority at Greenbo!
• High-rise balconies are often very small, so residents need to optimize floor space. Railing plant containers that don’t require heavy-duty metal hangers, which can be difficult to install and scratch surfaces, allow more room for bistro tables and seating.
• Urban dwellers value design and style in their home decor. Greenbo’s high-quality containers in 10 colors, from turquoise and orange to black and white, provide a full spectrum of choices.

Greenbo’s railing planters can be mounted on a banister or balcony railing without any need for metal hardware. No matter what the railing shape or size, our containers can be easily secured, and with peace of mind. They’re not going anywhere. We are safety first!

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