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Greenball Planter

Design your home with planters and flowers isn't always as easy as it looks, till i found my Greenball....

Britney segalon

Design your home with planters and flowers isn't always as easy as it looks, till I found my Greenball....

I really love flowers and plants around me as I want nature to be right beside me all the time. My apartment is full of planters from any shape, material and size and I do like to change and add to my plants collection all the time. Urban gardening design isn't always a simple task. To create your special design with different planters with a unified design is almost impossible. The are many shapes and design of planters all around, floor planters, hanging planters and railing planters but when i tried to create a unified look and design combination of all the planters together, it isn't always comes as i thought it will and changing the design is very hard.

I really tried planning in advance, before i go to the garden center, which planter i need, where will I place it and what size or shape of a planter I need, but when coming to the shop, remembering what was the exact size I needed and where did i plan to use it or how it will combine with my other planters design is becoming very hard and most of the times i find myself buying a planter and once placing it at home it didn't fit like I thought it will and i must give it away as a present or take it back to the store.

Yesterday I discovered a perfect solution for my frustration, and again it came from the most innovative urban gardening company Greenbo who made my life different with its amazing invention of the Greenbo railing planters. I suddenly noticed in the shop that there's an amazing balls hanging all around me in 360° with a shining colored look and design which comes with 3 hanging options, wall hanger, ceiling hanger and table base and all in one product. 

Besides the perfect look and design of floating balls and flowers around me, I understood that I don't need to decide at the store where will I place it, or where, i can just it and decide at home as it give me the full option to do with it whatever I want and any given moment with a simple replacement of its hanger. and more than that, if I will buy few of them I can create that special unified design and look across my apartment and balcony. 

The Greenball Planter is a smart planter with an environmental drainage function that separates the plant roots from the extra water and allows you to grow any type of plant in your house and balcony. The clear hangers gives your home a floating balls and colors design like no thing I’ve seen before.

They say innovation comes is the small details which helps us solve our everyday problems. In Greenbo they understood it long time ago and keep on getting us this perfect vision changing solution and the Greenball is one of them. Again the say of "How nobody thought about it before" crossed my mind as it solved all of my urban gardening problems.

My house now looks very different, with unique design, green flowers and floating balls while my railing is decorated with railing planters so i have my perfect design solution for my home and for my crazy nature capturing in my urban gardening love...

Greenball is not just a new planter but a new perception of how we purchase gardening products and how we can design with it...

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